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Help for Fathers 2009

Welcome to the help for fathers website

How to use this site

The banner at the top has several words incorporated into it just click on a word and it will take you to that part of the site. There are also several text links you may click on incorporated into the pages that link to other sites or help texts. Thank you for using help for fathers website.

    Read the new information about California! This site has been overhauled to be more helpful to fathers in all areas but there is still a lot of information to provide here but I just don't have time to do it all at once. In general although our first priority will continue be aimed toward helping fathers who need help figuring out how to make some extra income, or even a just a sympathetic ear from someone else with similar problems. There is now a link to free legal info; evenutally a dating service for Singles. By Sept. 2010 time permitting. So keep checking back.

    We believe you deserve the very best!

Purpose. Objectives. Self Help.

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